Let experienced marketers do all the selling for you with Cindy Battye

cindybattyeCindy Battye is one-third of IM Wealth Builders, a marketing software company responsible for some of the biggest product launches of the last few years. I caught up with Cindy while she was visiting the States (she lives in New Zealand) and she shared her story, and their latest launch details with us. Her hotel wireless was lousy, the video interview didn’t turn out well, so listen to Cindy’s story in the podcast above.

After Hours: Covert Commissions Exclusive Demo

Covert Commissions is a true “done for you” sales system. Cindy and the IM Wealth Builder organization has created multiple sales funnels, and autoresponders across several niche markets. All you have to do is send traffic via your “Covert” affiliate link, and you’ll get paid on all sales that occur from your referred traffic. It’s genius, especially for those who’ve always wanted the benefit of sending commission-generating emails without the drama, skill, or time associated with building or maintaining a list. Watch the demo below.

And when you’re ready to check out Covert Commissions, click here to see their offer.

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