135: How to Use the 80-20 Rule to Better Understand and Transform Your Business with Perry Marshall

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Perry wrote the world’s bestselling book on internet advertising, which is called The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, and with the publication of this, he sparked the pay-per-click advertising revolution. He also wrote the bestseller The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, and, in part, made Facebook advertising the behemoth that it is today. Most recently, Perry has taken Pareto’s 80-20 principle into the world of business like no other, revealing in his bestselling 80-20 Sales and Marketing how this 80-20 principle is the central lever for nearly every profitable strategy in sales, marketing, and business. He’s one of the world’s most expensive and sought after marketing consultants, and direct marketing maverick Dan Kennedy says of him, “If you don’t know who Perry Marshall is, unforgivable! Perry’s an honest man in a field rife with charlatans.”

One Thing He Does Every Day To Make Money

He writes and prays. He carves out time in the morning to meditate, journal, and get in his space to prepare for his day. He finds that this is when he has his greatest moments of clarity.

What Has The Greatest Potential For Growth

Perry believes that 80-20 is turning into 90-10, that 90% of the money will be made by 10% of the people, and this is evident already on the online space. Because of this, now’s the time to fail fast and not be attached to projects that aren’t successful. He also believes that building definitive selling propositions will soon rule the world.

Favorite Software or App

He recommends using Perrymarshall.com/Grade to make sure the language in your sales pitch is at the right reading level, which is preferably at 5th or 6th grade, because it’s important to talk to people as simply as possible.

Favorite Music

He enjoys progressive rock and metal, like Rush and Dream Theater. He also loves jazz, which he has in common with a lot of marketers.

Favorite Book

How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis and look out for Simplify by Richard Koch, to be out late 2016.

Interview Links

Go to PerryMarshall.com to get a copy of Perry’s bestselling 80-20 Sales and Marketing for just a penny plus shipping!

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