133: The Business of Growing “Best in Class” Businesses with Mary Lou Kayser

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Mary Lou helps established and emerging companies build best-in-class business models so that they can grow, profit, and forge a significant path to success in this big global marketplace that we all inhabit. She’s an author, a speaker, and the host of the Play Your Position podcast.

One Thing She Does Every Day To Make Money

She writes in her journal–where she clears the clutter, sets the intention for the day, makes her goals, and this leads to money in her bank account.

What Has The Greatest Potential For Growth


Favorite Technology

She can’t live without her iPhone because it allows her to do so much, from talking to her kids and husband, to creating content for social outlets.

Favorite Song

Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy

Favorite Book

Essentialism by Greg McKeown and Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Interview Links

You can find Mary Lou at her website, PYPPodcast.com, and on Twitter @MaryLouKayser.

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