132: How to Manage Your Finances to Help You Fall in Love with Money with Krisstina Wise

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Krisstina is the bestselling author of Falling for Money: How to Have a Lifetime Love Affair with Your Finances as well as being the founder and CEO of the award-winning GoodLife companies. Her passion for helping others lead rich lives has sparked her newest brand Krisstina.com, which focuses on the three things that impact your life more than anything else: your health, your wealth, and your marriage.

One Thing She Does Every Day To Make Money

She creates. “I’m a creator, I’m always looking at how do I invent? How do I create? How do I put something new out into the world that helps people?”

What Has The Greatest Potential For Growth

Putting yourself out there

Favorite Software or App

Evernote and Slack

Favorite Song

Moby’s Extreme Ways

Favorite Book

Krisstina believes to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to be a book reader. Her must-read is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich to learn the fundamentals of business and life as an entrepreneur. She also recommends Greg McKeown’s Essentialism.

Interview Links

You can reach Krisstina at her website, Krisstina.com, and find her book Falling for Money on Amazon. Check out her blog for sound advice on money wealth as well as health wealth, or ‘wellth’, from the expert!


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