134: How to Get Traction for Your Startup with Justin Mares

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Justin is the co-author of Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth and he’s the former Director of Revenue at Exceptional, a software company that Rackspace acquired for eight figures in 2013. He has previously founded two startups, one was acquired and one was a bust, and he runs a growth meetup in San Francisco.

One Thing He Does Every Day To Make Money

Book sales (and the book just sells itself!)

What Has The Greatest Potential For Growth

Justin believes that live video streaming is going to be ubiquitous over the next couple of years. This will lead to an emergence of new thought leaders/influencers that will give short, ten minute live stream seminars.

Favorite Software or App

Soundcloud, listening to mixes on that platform keeps him from going insane while working on a computer for many hours a day

Favorite Musician

He recommends Lane 8’s album Rise for music to listen to while you’re working.

Favorite Book

WaitbutWhy.com on SpaceX

Interview Links

You can reach Justin on Twitter @JWMares and @Tractionbook. Be sure to check out Tractionbook.com where you can download the first three chapters for free!


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